About RedEquus

Red Equus is more than just an equestrian wear brand; it is a community of horse lovers who share a passion for horses and riding. Our journey began from the ground up, starting as a small family-run business based in beautiful Queensland on the Gold Coast. We started with a vision of creating a brand that not only provided quality equestrian wear but also brought together horse enthusiasts to build a community that would uplift and support one another. 

As we began building our brand and community, we realised that we wanted to do more than just sell products. We wanted to create a culture that celebrates the unique bond between horse and rider, promotes inclusivity and diversity, and gives back to the equestrian community. We want to empower riders of all levels to pursue their passion with confidence and style.

We believe that our values and culture are what set us apart from other equestrian brands. We strive to provide not only high-quality products but also exceptional customer service, and a welcoming community where horse lovers can connect and share their experiences. We are proud to have built a brand that is focused on making a positive impact on the equestrian world and the world at large.

We are excited to continue growing our community and brand, and we cannot wait to see how we can change the world together. Join us on our journey, and let's ride towards a better future!